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Local Medical Gas Alarms

Local Medical Gas Alarms

Local Medical Gas Alarms   Installation Requirements Local Medical Gas Alarms There are several types of medical gas alarms in healthcare facilities, in this blog we want to go in-depth into the local alarm systems for medical gas systems. NFPA 99 2012 states that local alarms shall be installed to monitor the function of the  …

Zone Valve Code Requirements

Zone Valve Box (1)

Zone Valves   Zone Valve Code Requirements   Zone valves are an integral component of your medical gas pipeline distribution network. They allow for the isolation of specific system areas in the event of an emergency, required maintenance, or planned shutdowns related to renovations and modifications. Per the NFPA 99 2012, all station outlets/inlets shall  …

Responsible Facility Authority

Responsible Facitlity Authority

Responsible Facility Authority    Responsible Facility Authority Overview The Responsible Facility Authority (RFA) has been in the NFPA 99 for several revisions. However, it wasn’t until the NFPA 99 2021 that the RFA gained more responsibilities. In previous generations of the code, the RFA was simply responsible for collecting documentation, reviewing failures, and ensuring the  …