Ventilation Services

Our NCI certified technicians provide testing for air change rates and room pressure relationships based on various standards from ASHRAE 170, FGI/AIA and CDC to ensure patients and employees are protected from exposure to hazardous materials and contagious pathogens. Your certified Compliance Solutions technician will provide a custom detailed report that will include results for air changes per hour, pressure relationships, proper function of supply vents and proper function of exhaust/return vents. All our testing methods meet ASHRAE, NIOSH, OSHA and other applicable standards. A JCO approved electronic and hard copy report will be issued to the facility within minutes of the testing being completed. Any issues we find during testing, our NCI-certified technician can make repairs to ensure your facility is 100% compliant.

Rooms We Test

  • A.I.I Rooms
  • Operating Rooms
  • Catheterization Labs
  • PE Room
  • Soiled Utility
  • Clean Utility
  • Sterile Workrooms
  • Decontamination Rooms
  • Housekeeping Closets
  • Kitchen
  • A.I.I Ante Rooms
  • Recovery Rooms
  • Endoscopy Rooms
  • Delivery Rooms
  • Bronch Rooms
  • Procedure Rooms
  • Nuclear Medicine Rooms
  • Laboratory
  • Morgue
  • Linen Rooms

Things We Test For

  • Pressure Relationships
  • Air Changes Per Hour
  • Pressure Differential
  • Proper Function of Supply Vents
  • Proper Function of Exhaust/Return Vents

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