Medical Gas Annual Testing

Compliance Solutions offers annual medical gas testing that outlines a preventative testing measure to ensure the entire medical gas system in your facility is kept up to date with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 99 2012) code requirements and is tested for the performance of the system. The testing ensures leaks, faults, and non-code-compliant systems are tested, documented, and placed into a report for the facility to reference. With the experienced ASSE 6030 certified technicians at Compliance Solutions, we can develop a plan of action for faulty or leaking equipment.

Our testing consists of properly testing all patient terminals throughout the facility, including high-usage areas such as Intensive Care Units, Emergency Departments, and Operating Rooms. Source equipment such as vacuum pumps, air compressors, medical gas manifolds, bulk stations, master alarm panels, area alarm panels, and zone valves are also tested and inspected to ensure the systems are up to code and functioning properly. All our equipment is calibrated as per the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) requirements.

Our testing can improve the efficiency and reliability of your existing system and can ensure compliance with the standards of NFPA 99 2012, which is accepted by the Joint Commission, CMS, and local governing bodies.

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